Tribrid: Break-and-Rake

Tribrid Break-and-RakeDevised Designed for "Break and Rake" style secondary breaches and tactical entries commonly known as Brake and Rakes, Tribrid is the essential tool for tactical operators. Manufactured from heavy-duty, reinforced steel, it's dielectric coating is shock resistant up to 100,000 volts AC. Engineered to effectively assists with window entries, this tool aids in the removal of curtains, blinds, electrical wiring, as well as raking away debris and glass shards.

The device can also be used for demolition and removal of drywall, fences, and doors. Equipped with a squared Shepherd’s handle that serves as a suspension hook, grappling hook, as well as makes a stable a shooter’s arm loop rest when shooting precision truly matters.

Tribrid allows for multiple operators to use the tool at once to increase force and leveragability when being used as a battering ram. In addition, Tribrid features a unique four-sided breaching head that offers two laser cut flat edges for clearing away objects as well as two saw-tooth edges for ripping and shredding various construction and finish materials from entry points to allow for the deployment of flash-bangs, or to simply remove broken glass before entry. Furthermore, the unit has three built in foot perches that can be used as a built in ladder. Designed by a SWAT operator, Tribrid is the ultimate tool for window breaching.


  • Modified Shepherd’s mount/grappling hook
  • Shot stability arm loop
  • Foot peg/ladder system
  • Four-sided breaching head
  • Percise Laser Edge
  • Saw-tooth Edge

Tech Specifications

  • Dielectric coating
  • Performance balanced
  • Heavy-duty steel construction
  • Dimensions: 6 ft. length
  • Weight:13.25 lbs.

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