Quick Release Rig (QRR) System

Quick Release Rig


Phalanx Defense Systems Quick Release Rig (QRR) converts your standard rig to a high speed rig! Have high speed donning and release capability. Virtually any plate carrier or vest which utilizes a cummerbund or MOLLE/PALS waist enclosure system can be upgraded.

Operators of all types have wrestled with hook and loop for the last time when they convert their closure system to the Phalanx QRR. Getting in and out of your vest has never been easier.

Try it! You will never again wear a rig without the Quick Release Rig by Phalanx Defense Systems.



The QRR attaches to the underside of the front flap and the MOLLE/PALS of your side cummerbund found on most carriers and vests. You simply “sandwich” the QRR flap between your outer flap and the carrier and attach the MOLLE/PALS portion of the QRR at a position which gives you the best fit.


QRR Buckles enlargement


Current Options include:

  • GT Cobra™ metal buckles
  • GT Cobra™ nylon buckles
  • First Spear™ Tubes™
  • Various webbing color/patterns

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